Welcome To Tolland Veterinary Hospital

Tolland Veterinary Hospital, a privately owned hospital, has been providing medical care for Tolland and the surrounding towns for more than 50 years. We offer state-of-the-art veterinary care by a team of compassionate and dedicated individuals who foster a family-like environment for both our clients and our patients.

We are conscientious about Covid and the health of our staff and clients.  We do not require our client to wear masks, however, we ask that if you show any signs of illness, please call us to reschedule your appointment.


From nose to tail, we want your pets to have the best quality of life possible! Thus, we provide a wide range of surgeries from Cesarian to surgeries of the urinary system to ACL repair (see the list below). Call us for more details.

  • Routine surgeries– Spay and Neuters, hernia repair, stomach tack (Gastropexy) and more
  • Skin/Integument surgeries– wound repair, growth removal, correction of excessive vaginal/facial folds, skin biopsy and more.
  • Abdominal surgeries– removal of urinary bladder stones (Cystotomy), removal of stomach/intestinal foreign body or masses (Gastrotomy/Enterotomy), spleen removal (Splenectomy), investigative/biopsy collection (Exploratory), Caesarian (C-section) and others.
  • Orthopedic surgeries– ACL repair, FHO, Patella Luxation repair and more.
  • Others– prevention of urinary blockages (Urethrostomy) and more.

Our Services

Dental Care

Dental care is vital to the overall health of your pet. Accumulation of tartar leads to periodontal disease and may seep into the bloodstream, affecting the heart, liver, and kidneys. We perform dental cleaning under general anesthesia and dental extractions when needed.

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We provide a wide selection of surgeries from routine spay and neuter to abdominal and orthopedic surgeries. All surgical procedures that required general anesthesia are done using the most modern anesthesia protocols, and monitored by highly trained technicians.

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We now offer a comprehensive abdominal ultrasound. Our top-notch ultrasound machine allows us to perform a high resolution evaluation of the liver, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas, intestine, lymph nodes and urinary bladder.

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Diagnostic Tests

We provide a comprehensive selection of diagnostic lab tests. For immediate results, we can run onsite tests including CBC, Chemistry panel and Urine analysis. For further diagnostic tests, we use an external lab that provides a very short turnaround time.

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We offer a comprehensive vaccination protocol for dogs, cat and ferrets. Our veterinarians will help you determine the right vaccines for your pet based on age, life style and possible exposure. CLICK TO SEE WHICH VACCINES ARE RECOMMENDED FOR YOU DOG.

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We see emergencies during working hours. If you feel that your pet is experiencing a medical condition that requires immediate attention, call the front desk and we will assess the urgency and will fit you in if warranted. We consider the following conditions as emergency...

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Digital X-ray

We are proud to be on the cutting edge of veterinary technology. Our DR X-ray machine allows us to obtain a non invasive view of the various body parts (chest, abdomen and skeletal) within minutes.  This is a valuable diagnostic tool that helps our veterinarians detect and prevent illness.

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General Anesthesia

All surgeries are performed under the most modern anesthetic protocols. ​Your pet is closely monitored during anesthesia and surgery by a trained member of our staff, who is with your pet continuously from beginning of anesthesia to recovery. All anesthetic procedures require the placement of an IV catheter and use of IV fluids to prevent dehydration and provide support to the circulatory system.

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Pregnant female dog may develop dystocia upon delivery. Difficult birth could be a result of a large or mispositioned fetus, by narrow pelvis canal or by failure of the uterus to contract. You may contact us to discuss a pre-planned C-section, or if your dog exhibits difficulties upon delivery, contact us for emergency S-section.

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New Clients

We believe in nurturing the human-pet bond and creating a harmonious relationship between people and pets. You can expect to be greeted by a courteous receptionist, clean exam rooms, friendly doctors, and caring technicians. We appreciate the role we get to play in your pets’ health care.


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