Pet Medical Services

Tolland Veterinary Hospital Offers a Range of Pet Medical Services

Over the course of your pet’s life, he may need a variety of pet medical services. Accidents, chronic illnesses and normal aging can lead to a number of health problems that require veterinary care. Your veterinarian is your partner in helping to keep your pet healthy and happy throughout the years. At Tolland Veterinary Hospital in Tolland, CT, we have experience in treating a wide range of pet veterinary conditions.


Wellness & Preventative Care

Periodic vet visits can help to ensure that your pet maintains good health at every stage of life. Regular exams ensure your pet is developing normally, is maintaining a normal weight, and is avoiding common health issues. Preventative care, such as deworming, heartworm medication, flea & tick control, and dental care can help your pet live longer and enjoy better health.

Pet Diagnostics

An accurate diagnosis helps your veterinarian to choose an appropriate treatment to help your pet as quickly as possible. We use a variety of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to help us pinpoint health problems so treatment can begin.

Surgical Services

We can provide spaying and neutering to prevent unwarranted litters. If your pet should have a sudden health problem or injury, we can provide surgical services to help your pet get back to full health. We offer veterinary anesthesia for surgery and pain management during the recovery process.

Chronic Disease Care

Some pets develop ongoing conditions that require regular medication and periodic monitoring. Your vet can ensure that your pet is receiving the proper care he or she needs to manage health problems.

Emergency Pet Services

Pets sometimes experience emergency health problems, such as broken bones, heatstroke, ingesting a poisonous substance, intestinal blockage, or other serious problems. We offer emergency care to diagnose and treat these problems quickly.

Make Tolland Veterinary Hospital Your Choice for Veterinary Services for Your Pet

Our veterinarians and staff at Tolland Veterinary Hospital work hard to provide individualized care for each of our patients in Tolland, CT, Stamford Spring, Coventry, Storrs, Mansfield, Manchester, Vernon and Willington. We offer a broad range of services, including exams, vaccinations, preventative care, diagnostics, and surgery. We also treat rabbits, ferrets and pocket pets. Call Tolland Veterinary Hospital today at (860) 875-5748 for an appointment to learn about the many services we offer to keep pets healthy and thriving.


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  • "I started to use Tolland Vet when I lived in Vernon. And continue to use them after moving west of the CT River (19 years and counting). Quality care without "over doing the procedures" that I hear about with other vet practices. I have referred multiple friends who echo my sentiments. I just had a handicapped Golden Retriever live to be over 15 years old--because of the care received from Tolland Vet. Thank you!"
    Allison K.
  • "Love the vets and assistants at Tolland Vet! My animals have been treated by them for a number of years and I appreciate how they are willing to work with the owners and the animals!!!"
    Beverly Neal K.
  • "Absolutely amazing vet! I will never go elsewhere! They go above and beyond every single time, and it means the world!"
    Megan Z.