Soft Tissue Surgeries

Just like humans, your pets are susceptible to injury, disease, and disorders that can make soft tissue surgery necessary. 

Our specialized Soft Tissue Surgery team here at Tolland Veterinary Hospital is experienced and board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Our team is made up of highly competent surgery residents and licensed technicians who are all dedicated to delivering optimal outcomes for your pets.


How Can Soft Tissue Surgery Help?

Just like humans, animals are subject to all manner of injury and disease which may make surgical intervention a necessity. That’s why when your furry, four-legged, or feathered friend needs serious medical help, only the most professional and qualified veterinary surgical experts will do. 

Soft Tissue Surgery Applications

  •  Minimally invasive surgery: Minimally invasive surgeries are the most common types used in veterinary care. These include a wide range of common and relatively low-risk procedures.
  •  Reproductive surgery: Animals too can develop reproductive problems that require surgical techniques to remedy. This can be especially important for pedigree animals and competitive sports animals like race horses.
  •  Abdominal surgery: The abdomen is the most common area of the body where surgical procedures must be done. Many minimally invasive techniques and advancements have been made in this area.
  •  Thoracic surgery: Working in the upper torso is usually more invasive and delicate in nature, calling for specialized techniques and our most experienced personnel. 
  •  Upper airway surgery: Surgery for the upper airway is a common occurrence for many types of animals for disease formations, choking incidents, and more. 
  •  Head and neck surgery: Animals subjected to injuries to the head or neck, and other conditions affecting these areas require specialized care and help for long-term recovery.
  •  Neurosurgery: While the nervous systems of animals are not as complex as that of humans, veterinary neurosurgery remains a highly demanding and precise discipline requiring the highest levels of expertise and professionalism. 
  •  Surgical oncology: Surgical care is not always done in response to an injury or disorder. Sometimes it is done to prevent harm that can be predicted either through a study of the genetic, behavioral, or physiological needs of the patient.
  •  Wound care and reconstruction: The prevention of infection and the restructuring of critical tissue formations is often necessary before, during, and after surgery.

Every veterinarian on our team is among the most qualified in her or his specialty. We will work with you closely to find a vet who is an optimal match for the needs of your pet and to develop an affordable veterinary care plan that suits your budget.

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  • "I started to use Tolland Vet when I lived in Vernon. And continue to use them after moving west of the CT River (19 years and counting). Quality care without "over doing the procedures" that I hear about with other vet practices. I have referred multiple friends who echo my sentiments. I just had a handicapped Golden Retriever live to be over 15 years old--because of the care received from Tolland Vet. Thank you!"
    Allison K.
  • "Love the vets and assistants at Tolland Vet! My animals have been treated by them for a number of years and I appreciate how they are willing to work with the owners and the animals!!!"
    Beverly Neal K.
  • "Absolutely amazing vet! I will never go elsewhere! They go above and beyond every single time, and it means the world!"
    Megan Z.