Surgery and Anesthesia 

We perform most of our surgical and dental procedures while animals are under general anesthesia. This allows us to carry out the most delicate tasks while your pet is in a state of deep sleep. We take general anesthesia very seriously and each procedure has a designated trained person who closely monitors your pet from the beginning of anesthesia to full recovery.  Prior to every procedure that requires general anesthesia, we place an IV (Intravascular) catheter. This provides us a port from which we supply fluid for both hydration and blood pressure control. It also allows us to deliver intravascular medications.   

Our anesthesia protocol comprised of three stages:  

1) Pre-anesthetic sedation – This is given approximately 30 minutes before the onset of surgery. This usually includes a combination of drugs that are tailored to the special needs of each patient.  

2) Induction – In this stage we inject a drug that facilitates a complete relaxation, which allows the placement of tracheal tube. 

3) Maintenance – The patient is connected to anesthesia machine that delivers anesthesia gas via the tracheal tube.  

Once a patient is induced under general anesthesia, they are connected to a computerized monitor that records heart rate, oxygen levels, respiration, ECG and blood pressure.  


Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing 
We require a pre-anesthetic test for any patient with medical conditions or for patients older than 7-year-old. However, we recommend this blood test for younger animals as well. This blood test is an excellent tool to detect systemic abnormalities such as dehydration, anemia, bleeding disorder, infection and metabolic conditions that could complicate the anesthesia or the surgery.  
Prepare for Surgery 
- No food or treats after 8:00 PM  the night before surgery 
- No water after midnight 
- If you are currently administering any medications, vitamins, antibiotics,  or injections (insulin) withhold the morning dose unless otherwise instructed. 
- Usual arrival time for admission is between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m.  We can board your pet the night before surgery, at no extra charge, if you can't get here in the morning   
Surgeries performed at our hospital 

- Dental procedures (Teeth cleaning and Extractions) 
- Soft tissue surgeries (Spay, Neuter, Mass removal, Wound repair, Abdominal/ear/eye surgeries and others)  
- Orthopedic surgeries (Bone fractures, ACL injury, Patella luxation, Amputation, FHO and others)  
Consent Form 
General anesthesia is inherently risky undertaking. We strive to provide the highest quality care to your pet, and implement every precaution possible to avoid potential problems. Thank you for entrusting your pet to us. We encourage you to ask questions and seek a full understanding of all medical options. See Anesthesia/Surgery consent form under the "Form" Tab


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  • "I started to use Tolland Vet when I lived in Vernon. And continue to use them after moving west of the CT River (19 years and counting). Quality care without "over doing the procedures" that I hear about with other vet practices. I have referred multiple friends who echo my sentiments. I just had a handicapped Golden Retriever live to be over 15 years old--because of the care received from Tolland Vet. Thank you!"
    Allison K.
  • "Love the vets and assistants at Tolland Vet! My animals have been treated by them for a number of years and I appreciate how they are willing to work with the owners and the animals!!!"
    Beverly Neal K.
  • "Absolutely amazing vet! I will never go elsewhere! They go above and beyond every single time, and it means the world!"
    Megan Z.